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Trust DFW’s Real Estate Divorce Experts to Help You Move Through So You Can Successfully Move On

When “for better” takes a turn “for worse,” the separation of assets doesn’t have to be messy. By partnering with a team of professional, compassionate DFW real estate divorce experts, you can effectively navigate the twists, turns and natural complications that arise, while safeguarding your assets…and your sanity.

Divorce can be chaotic, and emotions run high. In most cases, real estate is your most valuable asset, which is why it’s even more critical that you lean on a team of experts who can help you not only tackle the immediate decisions but also guide you in preparing for a brighter future.

Since 2016, Heather Shimala has been helping clients facing these tough decisions. With 30 years of negotiation experience, Heather has seen it all. She is a well-connected, seasoned professional with a unique skill set and business know-how to deliver a full service, turn-key approach that results in an objective and efficient experience. At the same time, she approaches her work with a profound personal commitment. It’s because of this unmatched combination, both parties can walk away feeling heard, understood, treated fairly and with their integrity intact.

Heather has experience objectively representing both parties through the asset separation of divorce, which ultimately saves time, money and unnecessary headaches. Contact Heather to learn more about how she and her team of trusted, preferred partners can customize a plan to address your personal situation.

Services Offered

Full-service management can help you reach a quick, fair resolution and plan for the future.

  • Asset separation counsel and negotiation
  • Home listing preparation, including cleaning, home repair, handyman services, expert staging that most effectively showcases your home, and more
  • Customized marketing to reach interested buyers more quickly
  • Targeted home searches tailored to new personal requirements and preferences
  • Securing temporary housing
  • Mortgage lending, especially in unique situations such as limited employment history, low capital and/or unestablished/minimal credit history
  • Financial planning
  • White glove packing, including delicate handling of luxury items such as vintage wine collections, couture fashion and accessories, exclusive art collections

Don’t Take Our Word For It! Hear From Heather’s Past Clients ​​​​​​​


“Given the grueling negotiations in almost every other aspect of our divorce, I was dreading the process of selling our home, but thank goodness for Heather! She made it so smooth and easy, keeping us informed the whole way and handling it like a professional business transaction. I’ll admit that I was skeptical at first to use a realtor to represent both my soon-to-be-ex husband and me, but it ended up being the best decision we made because Heather saved us so much time and helped us secure the maximum value on our home. At no time did either of us feel slighted. It was incredibly helpful to have an objective third party who could provide us with well-researched and expert guidance without feeling as though there was an ulterior motive to have one side “win.” Heather was so kind, thoughtful and compassionate throughout the process, which made a really difficult time in my life, much more manageable.”



“A few years ago, I reached out to Heather to help me sell my home. My wife and I were going through a divorce, and we needed to sell quickly. She quickly assessed our situation and began providing solid advice while connecting us with stagers, moving companies, and lenders. My wife had already started working with some of these companies on her own but ended up going with Heather’s recommendations so that everything could be more easily coordinated. By putting our full trust in Heather’s hands to treat the situation fairly and objectively, we sold our house in record time. I never expected our divorce realtor to become a friend, but it’s hard not to with Heather. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and I’ve recently re-hired her to help me and my new wife begin our new home build as we write the next chapter in our lives.”



“You can’t go wrong with Heather! She was amazingly compassionate, knowledgeable, and efficient. My ex-husband was less than compromising, to say the least, but somehow Heather worked some magic and was able to get him to work with us. My divorce nearly broke me emotionally, but Heather was there every step of the way to keep me focused on the goal. She was the bright spot during a very dark time. I can’t thank her enough. She is a top-notch professional.”

--Buyer | Seller


“Even if you’re fully ready for a divorce, it still sucks. But, working with Heather takes the pain out of the process. Reach out to her. Just do it. She knows her stuff. You won’t be sorry.”

--Buyer | Seller

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