On The Horizon: Markets to Watch in 2023 and Beyond

On The Horizon: Markets to Watch in 2023 and Beyond

The National Association of REALTORS® published their end of year recap of 2022 and what to watch for 2023. Here area few highlights from the article but it is a great read if you are interested in the market and how it has moved over the last year.


  • 2022 The year of softening

    • After a year of multiple-offer frenzy, the housing market has slowed down in 2022. Inflation and mortgage rates rose to 40-year highs, hurting affordability.
    • Home prices are still higher than the previous year. Although fewer buyers are in the market, demand for homes continues to outpace supply.
    • Mortgage rates have peaked. As of the second week of November, the rates are finally moving down as inflation is cooling. Rates may stabilize around 6 percent which could bring more buyers back to the market boosting demand for housing.

  • Markets to watch in 2023 and Beyond

    • The Dallas Forth Worth Market is number 3 on the list of Markets to Watch in 2023 and Beyond. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX Dallas-Fort Worth has experienced a growing influx of tech workers. This is another emerging tech in the U.S., with many new start-ups moving in this area. Not only is housing more affordable than nationally, but this area provides more options to buyers.
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