11 Tips for Staging Your Frisco Home

11 Tips for Staging Your Frisco Home

To stage or not to stage? That is the question. And when it comes to selling your San Francisco home, the right staging tips can help you attract more prospects and land a buyer faster without lowering your asking price. If you’re wondering if the extra time and work involved in staging your home is worth the investment, we’ve got the data.
There are no absolutes in real estate. Every listing, every buyer, and every seller is unique. But in the majority of situations, staging your home is in your own best interest as the seller.
According to statistics, 94 percent of staged homes sold in 29 days or less, which is no time at all when compared to the 145-day average selling time for unstaged homes. In fact, two out of every three sellers’ agents agree that staged homes spend less time lingering on the market.

Your Home’s First Impression

In real estate, first impressions mean everything. A staged home that stands out on the web brings sellers one step closer to reaching modern buyers who now browse listings from the comfort and safety of home. The web is where split-second decisions are made whether to investigate a listing further or cross it off the list. And a well-staged home can tip the balance in your favor.
Aside from creating buzz, your home’s first impression can even earn you more dollars on the sale. The standard correlation between time on the market and price is simple: houses that linger sell for less. However, staging your Frisco home to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers could positively impact its value, counteracting the negative impact of price reductions made based on time on the market.
Besides, most Frisco homes are staged, which means similar homes, in a similar location at the same price point, could win more buyers when staged.

Appeal To the Senses

You probably already know that staging your Frisco home means highlighting its best features with presentation and decor. But what might surprise you is the science of staging, which you can leverage to appeal to the five senses. Everything your potential buyer can see, smell, touch, hear, and taste gives you the opportunity to influence the impact. We’ll get into all of that - but first, let’s talk about what you can do to appeal to your potential buyer’s sense of sight.

1. Declutter Your Living Space

Decluttering streamlines your home for more empty neutral space, creating a canvas for buyers to imagine themselves living there. 
Harnessing the sense of sight means making your spaces feel larger and showing buyers more of the room by removing excess furniture and clutter. Decluttering your living space and especially your bedrooms is the fastest way to create a more spacious, welcoming, and upscale atmosphere.
Put away arbitrary items hanging around your home and move any dressers taking up valuable square footage. As a rule of thumb, leave at least two-thirds of your floors empty. However, reconsider hiding your clutter inside your closets. Many buyers have boxes to check for ample closet space and the same declutter rule applies there. You can also arrange your clothes by color or length to make your storage space easier on the eyes.

2. Furniture: Remove or Rearrange

Consider getting rid of any large furniture. Whether you have seemingly endless square footage or a legitimately limited amount of space, the worst thing you can do is make potential buyers think your home is small and cramped. As a rule, go minimal. Have two couches in the living room? Try removing one. Coffee table taking up the entire family room? Consider taking it out of the picture. When it comes to space, bigger is always better. And less is definitely more when it comes to staging your Frisco home.
You can also shift things around to shake things up. And don’t be afraid to get creative. Change can be a good thing! Consider rearranging your remaining furniture to widen rooms even more. Is your bed in a diagonal position? See how it looks against the wall or near a window. Move dressers, bookshelves, desks, chairs, tables, sofas, appliances, nightstands, and other furniture pieces. You can not only add more space but also refresh your home and give it new energy.

3. Cozy Up Your Bedroom 

When staging your Frisco home, your goal is to create a homey space where potential buyers can imagine themselves walking into their bedroom after a long day. So, make yours as cozy as possible, starting with a high-quality bed and elegant-looking linens. New, white bedding will instantly make your room clean and well-kept. For accents, throw in some decorated pillows or a quilt with a color that goes well with your bedding. And consider buying a headboard to make your bed the focal point of the room.

4. Let There Be Light

Appealing to the sense of sight also means welcoming as much soft, natural light into your staged Frisco home as possible. Lighting can dramatically alter the overall look and atmosphere of your living space. And the wrong lighting can make rooms feel small, uninviting, and dirty (even when they’re clean). 
Thick, heavy curtains and blinds, furniture blocking windows, and trees surrounding your property can negatively impact your home’s lighting. Window treatments can be tricky but worth the extra effort when your goal is to get more offers for your property. In a room with low ceilings, for example, you could install your curtain rods higher than the window to make the window appear taller.
For spaces in your home lingering in the shadows without much outdoor light, flick on a few lamps with high-wattage bulbs. You can also add a few wall sconces for a nice accent to an otherwise empty space, or introduce a lampshade big enough for your nightstand.

5. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

In the world of functional and inexpensive accessories to introduce light, personality, and the appearance of size into any room, nothing beats a strategically-positioned mirror. If you have an empty wall, hang a framed mirror or a custom-cut one to add an accent to the space without looking too personal.

6. Playing with Color 

You might think bright paint colors can make a home stand out. However, neutral tones are best for staging your Frisco home. Whereas bright colors are personal and loud, neutral tones evoke a sense of relaxation that helps potential buyers envision themselves in their potential new home. But the one thing to avoid is monochromatic colors, which could make your wall look too flat.
Studies show prospective buyers prefer beige over any other color. This seemingly boring and bland color can create the type of warm and homey feeling many buyers love. It’s only a matter of finding the right shade for your living area. Ask your real estate agent for help picking out the perfect one.
Stick with neutral colors, designs, paints, and decor, punctuating the room with pops of color for interest. You’re appealing not just to sight but also to the imagination, subconsciously helping buyers create their own vision of the home rather than yours.

7. The Small Stuff Matters, Too

Now that you know what to do with the main spaces in your home, what about the smaller places? Remember that potential buyers are investigating every nook and cranny of your home. And no space should be forgotten. So, dust your mantle, the corners of your shelves, and television stands. Organize under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, and sweep and label your laundry area with a cute sign. Get rid of old items or linings in your kitchen cabinets. Get your living space looking straight out of a magazine including every pantry, closet area, and hallway.

8. An Ambiance Buyers Can Feel

Your goal here is to influence mood and perspective by creating a clean, comfortable, and physically inviting environment. From setting your thermostat to the perfect temperature to wiping down your surfaces to a spotless shine, staging your Frisco home is a game of creating an enticing ambiance. From your fabrics to your furniture, focus on not just color but also texture to appeal to the human sense of touch.

9. The Sound of Staging

Ambient noise from outside your home is a blessing or a curse to your staged Frisco home. Live in one of the area’s livelier neighborhoods? Shut your windows to drown out some of the street noise. Is your backyard a center stage for an afternoon hummingbird symphony? Keep your windows open to welcome in the peaceful bliss.
Building on your potential buyer’s comfort, play some soft, slow, classical music to create a calm atmosphere to contemplate your space. Keep music simple, quiet, and consistent. Otherwise, you risk distracting buyers from making a decision.

10. Follow Their Noses

In the smell department, there are three things to keep in mind when staging your Frisco home. The first is to eliminate bad odors. The second is to introduce pleasant odors. And the third is to keep your efforts subtle and simple. An overpowering smell, whether good or bad, will distract potential buyers from imagining themselves in their potential new home.
However, feel free to steam-clean carpets and rugs, open windows to let fresh air in, light a scented candle or two, and even bake a fresh batch of cookies (if that’s your thing).

11. Let Them Chew it Over

Any cookies you bake to fill the aroma of your home can double as tasty treats to indulge the sense of taste. There’s not much you can do in the taste department when staging your Frisco home. But never underestimate the power of sprinkling a few strategically placed candies around your home.

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