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Introducing Leslie Schedler, a dynamic force on the Reserve 76 Realty team, bringing a unique blend of expertise in mortgage lending and real estate. With a robust background in both realms, Leslie is your go-to professional for a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the housing market.

As a seasoned REALTOR and mortgage lending expert, Leslie is dedicated to elevating the client experience to new heights. Her dual proficiency allows her to provide clients with a holistic perspective, ensuring they make informed decisions at every stage of their real estate journey. Leslie's commitment goes beyond transactions; she's here to create a seamless and enriching experience for clients, making the process of buying or selling a home not just successful but enjoyable. Trust Leslie Schedler to bring a wealth of knowledge and a personalized touch to your real estate endeavors.

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Shimala Group A Reserve 76 Realty is a company that takes a modern approach to real estate. From the clients we work with to the way we get the keys into their hands, we take a progressive approach to the real estate process.

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