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Marketing Specialist

Ariana is Reserve 76's marketing guru, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a creative flair to the team. She studied Design Management with a minor in Marketing at the University of North Texas and is currently advancing her expertise by pursuing an MBA in Strategic Management. Ariana's passion for her field shines through in her work on design projects, where she seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. She excels at tracking analytics, providing valuable insights that drive the team's success, and loves contributing to various projects that help propel the company forward.

In her free time, Ariana enjoys an active and fulfilling lifestyle. She plays tennis and practices yoga, both of which help her maintain a balanced and energized approach to her professional and personal life. A true foodie, she delights in cooking new meals and exploring different cuisines, always eager to try something new. Ariana also loves taking her two dogs on walks with her wife, enjoying the simple pleasures of life and the joy that comes from spending time with loved ones. Additionally, her passion for interior design allows her to continually reinvent and beautify her home, reflecting her creativity and eye for detail.

Ariana's diverse interests and academic background make her a well-rounded and invaluable member of the Reserve 76 team. Her ability to merge strategic thinking with creative problem-solving ensures that she consistently delivers exceptional results. Whether she's working on a marketing campaign, analyzing data, or brainstorming new ideas, Ariana's dedication and enthusiasm are evident. She is committed to driving the company's success and helping her colleagues achieve their goals

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